Paranormal Themes in Fiction

Anyone who follows my writing (Terri Branson) knows to look for something paranormal in most of my short stories and novels. While I would argue that some things often deemed “paranormal” (beyond normal) are really just part of the process of life, most people do consider things like ghosts and psychic phenomena and reincarnation to be aspects of the paranormal. That’s fine. The core of good communication is agreeing on the meaning of the terms, right? With that in mind, one thing I try to do when writing fiction is make the so-called paranormal appear as normal as possible in the world of the work in question. “Yep, that’s a ghost. Try not to walk though it, because that’s just rude.” OR: “Whoa! Past life flashback! Did not need to remember that.” Adding paranormal elements to a story gives the author more avenues to explore. Instead of having just five senses (see, hear, smell, touch, and feel), by including psychic phenomena you can tinker with telepathy, empathy, remote viewing, past life reading, prognostication, energy healing, astral projection, and more. Wow! That’s a lot of cool tools to give fictional characters, and it makes for a much wider range of story possibilities. If you like ghosts, try MUSK RAIN (contemporary paranormal romance) and PRAIRIE FIRE (western paranormal romance). For a little bit of everything, including reincarnation, try COSMIC SCULPTURE (science fiction and fantasy anthology) and DRAGON’S DEN (science fiction). I even infuse a bit of magic in the award-winning children’s picture book BROTHER DRAGON and watch out for ghosts in WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK. For a list of current publications by Terri Branson with full information (including sales links), find her personal website, blog, and Facebook page through this link:

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